ComboMini™ Electrophoresis System

ComboMini™ Electrophoresis System – COMPLETE with ONE electrophoresis system + ONE gel maker set (4 combs, 1 large tray, 1 medium tray, 1 small tray, 1 gel casting stand)

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ComboMini™ Electrophoresis System is a compact horizontal gel running unit with the integrated power supply that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It is ideal for wide range of applications including Northern and Southern blotting, Cosmid library restriction analysis, STS screening, microsatellite analysis, PCR fragment analysis, RFLP analysis, DNA finger-printing and high throughput analysis.

Why will you Love ComboMini™?

  • Detachable power supply.
  • Current only runs through the system when the lid is properly in place on top of the gel box and the power is automatically paused when the cover is lifted plus safety lid that is vented to help dissipate heat generated during electrophoresis.
  • Complete UV-transmittancy allowing direct observation of bands during electrophoresis by simple installation of the bath on a transilluminator.
  • Output voltage can be selected from among 7 levels (18V, 25V, 35V, 50V, 70V, 100V and 135V). Input voltage can be set between 100–240V, allowing worldwide use.
  • Complete system: Unit includes ONE electrophoresis system + ONE gel maker set (4combs, 1 large tray, 1medium tray, 1 small tray, 1 gel casting stand).


 Capacity   Max 500ml
 Inner dimension  (W×D×H)   150×150×47mm
 Timing function   1min~999min or continuous, with pause function
 Input power   AC100~240V、AC50/60Hz
 Output voltage   Constant peak voltage (140V), impulse control
 Dimensions (W×D×H)   260×170×68mm
 Net weight   0.78kgs


 Model   Description  Specifications/dimensions Qty
CBMN-7A Small tray 60mm(W)×60mm(L) 2
CBMN-7B Medium tray 120mm(W)×60mm(L) 1
CBMN-7C Large tray 120mm(W)×120mm(L) 1
CBMN-7D Comb 1 1.0mm thickness, 25 / 11 teeth 4
CBMN-7E Comb 2 1.5mm thickness, 18 / 8 teeth 1
CBMN-7F Comb 3 1.5mm thickness, 13 / 6 teeth 1
CBMN-7G Comb 4 2.0mm thickness, 3 / 2 teeth 1
CBMN-7H Casting stand (double-sided) 138mm(W)×138mm(L)×36mm(H) 1