Real-Time PCR Mastermix

Real-Time Mastermix Reagent Kits
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Real-Time PCR Reagent Instrument Compatibility Chart

Real-Time PCR Mastermix 2x, Regular Level ROX      P/N:
Real-Time PCR Mastermix 2x, Low Level ROX            P/N: ACT-RP400LR 
Real-Time PCR Mastermix 2x, NO ROX                        P/N:  ACT-RT400RF

Product Description: Real-Time PCR mastermix 2x (Regular, Low, or NO level ROX) is an optimized ready-to-use mastermix containing unique reaction buffer, dNTP, Hot-Start Taq DNA polymerase, and QPCR dye.  The user can easily use todetect adnquantify the expression of target genes via Real-Time PCR Instrument.

Dilution: 10ul of Mastermix is required for each 20ul reaction.

Storage Condition: -20oC. Stable for 12 months in constant freezer temperature.


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