Thermal Cyclers

ACTGene™ Thermal Cyclers

Agilecycler™ Gradient Thermo Cycler
Premium II™ Gradient Thermo Cycler
SLIM™ Thermo Cycler

AgileCycler™Gradient Thermal Cycler
Hi-Res COLOR Touch Screen
96 well Gradient Block Included


AgileCycler features a truly intuitive user interface with a vivid high resolution colored touch screen.  4-zone temperature regulation that allows for higher temperature uniformity controlling.  AgileCycler utilizes a USB network to control up to 30 completely independent cycler blocks for higher throughput or multi-user situations.  

Premium II™ Gradient Thermal Cycler
96 well Gradient Block Included


Premium II features a 5.7” LCD Color Touch Screen with excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy. It is network function enabled and suitable for Long PCR, touchdown PCR & nested PCR. User interface with a vivid high-resolution color and touch screen.   

SLIM™ Thermal Cycler
16-well Portable and Mobile with Optional Car Charger


SLIM™ is an innovative thermal cycler, conveniently portable for field use (with optional car charger).  Extreme compact (20x20cm footprint), slim (4cm thickness), and light (2.5kg weight), SLIM™ is ideal for everyday personalized non-gradient thermal cycling use.  With state of art touch screen technology, users can easily program temperature, cycler time, and run duration with a simple touch of the screen.